EITC at BPA Conference

BPA Boise Conference 2014

leslie and kathyThe Business Professionals of America has an event in Boise every year for students entering the workforce. In my second semester, our instructors Leslie and Kathy took my class over the weekend. I was a bit hesitant at the idea of competing with other web developers but I'm glad I went. We all worked in teams to build websites based on the topic "green energy" for the web design team event. We also took a fundamentals of web design test. I was able to grab 2nd place in that event and also 5th in the database event. In short it was a total blast.EITC Superstars 2014

BPA Boise Conference 2015

glen and jon

For the BPA 2015 event, my class got the opportunity to team with new students in the web development program. I have to say my team kicked butt on our website (even though it didn't win). If I did it over again I wouldn't change anything. The team and the website was perfect. Once again EITC dominated all the web categories and everyone came home with at least one medal. We couldn't have asked for a better turnout! It feels good to be around so many smart and creative people.EITC Web Dorksglen and jayjulieEITC Superstars 2015